Macs used to engage kids at Everton FC study centre


MacWorld have reported that the Extra Time Study Support Centre at Everton football club has recently made a major investment in Apple Mac computers in an attempt to keep children interested in attending. The centre was opened in 2001 as a way to provide IT school lessons and after-school sessions to 8-14s.

I know PC users are going to hate this statement, but the decision to buy Macs was apparently "driven by the realisation that widening the available subjects taught to cover a remit beyond the PC’s strength in word processing would help chidren learn."

Yeah, I know a PC does more than just word processing, but there’s little doubt that a Mac already laden with multimedia software like Garageband, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, and so on, is an attractive proposition (well, I would say that – I’m a Mac fanboy).

Now half of the Centre’s computers are Macs. "The kids are one hundred per cent engaged on the Macs", said Walton St Mary teacher David Jones. "Not only that, but the computers help the kids work collaboratively – for instance, they’ve worked together on song lyrics and music".


Andy Merrett
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