Tesco rule online as well: tops Internet grocery sales


What a surprise. Not only are Tesco the biggest supermarket offline (you know, those big buildings you have to
drive to and walk up and down aisles of food and drink) but they’re also king of the Net when it comes to the increasing popularity of online shopping.

66% of all online grocery orders went to Tesco.com in the first 7 months of this year, according to research from ComScore Networks. That equates to an average of 30,000 order per day and nets them a cool £2.5million.

Asda.co.uk came second with 16% of all orders, followed by Sainsburystoyou.com with 14%.

Customers spend more at Sainsbury’s (£90 on average) than at Tesco and
Asda (£80) but that could just be because the big S is a little more
expensive than its price-comparing rivals. Sainsbury’s had the cheapest
delivery charge, though, at £3 on average compared to £4 for Tesco’s
and £5.50 for Asda.

No mention of the more exclusive (expensive) retailers like Waitrose
(opado.com whose singing radio adverts have been irritating me a lot

So there you go. Vital information about the state of Britain’s
expanding online grocery trade. Every little helps. What they all need
to get better at, in my opinion, is picking out fresh produce the wy
you actually want it (yes, they should be mindreaders, or failing that
add more options to their online ordering system). Anyway, I’ll put my
apron away now, sorry.

Andy Merrett
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