Office star Gervais angry over Microsoft training video 'leak'


Have you seen the recently leaked Microsoft training video written and starring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant? If not it’s well worth a look whilst you can still find it.

Gervais is apparently unhappy that the Office-esque video made for Microsoft a couple of years ago has made it out into the wild, lest his fans think that he’s gone back on his word never to resurrect David Brent.

To be honest, I’m surprised it took this long (when I first saw it I thought it may have been quite a recent video, were it not for a few time-dependent references in the video)

I’m not sure whether Ricky should be too bothered. Most of the comments I’ve read have been pretty complementary (apart from the age-old debate about whether the US version of The Office was better than the UK version – eh?) and I think it’s a really cool thing – leak or otherwise.

Were it not for the yawn-inducing mention of lawyers (Google, Apple,
Gina Ford, Gervais…) I might think that this was actually planned.
Ricky seemed less bothered when an episode of Extras made it out into
the wilds of the Internet.

Microsoft are investigating how the videos slipped out, and lawyers on both sides may well be approaching web sites that are hosting it asking them to take the content down. Let’s hope Google Videos keep it.

C’mon, lighten up Ricky, I think it’s cool (and no it doesn’t look like
you’ve sold out, either). I was getting to a point where I missed The
Office (I’ve not watched it for a while) and this was pretty cool –
specially with the odd dig at Microsoft and geeks in general!)

What do you reckon?

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Office star Gervais angry over Microsoft training video 'leak'

  • I doubt Gervais cares that much, it’s not like the vids are crap or anything. I myself was delighted when I found the videos, especially since Steve Merchant is part of them, too.

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