Satisfy your inner spy, with the Spy Video Car


"It’s after midnight, and all is quiet. A small remote-controlled car
creeps stealthily around a corner. An infrared camera installed in its
body transmits eerie night-vision images to a secret agent wearing a
specialized headset with a screen built in to the eyepiece…
introducing the Spy Video Car"

That’s the scene-setter for this cool, grown-up toy (look, it’s not a kids’ toy, alright, that boy in the picture is very lucky that he got his hands on this serious kit…)

Combine your love for radio-controlled cars with your desire to spy on the household, and the Spy Video Car could be a perfect (if battery-expensive) gift for you. It has an infra-red camera, a pair of subtle (bwah, yeah) specs with LCD monitor,  and the all-important remote controller. It will operate up to 75 feet away, Stairs might be a bit of a problem, though.

It wil eat through 12 AA batteries – and probably run out of juice in enemy territory (or the dog’s basket). Still, it’ll ship to the UK and at the moment is on special offer at $139.95 (about £75). You know you want one.


Andy Merrett
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