Apple lawyers on the podcase

MP3 players

Not only can we not ‘Google’ anymore, but now the Apple lawyers have turned out in force to stop companies profiting from the ‘pod’ phenomenon.

Two US companies, Mach5 who make the Profit Pod (a device for wirelessly collecting data from arcade game or vending machines) and Terry Wilson, who makes the TightPod, a leopard-print toting PowerBook cover, have been told their products are ‘confusingly similar’ to the iPod.

Do Apple need iGlasses?

Here’s a Profit Pod and an iPod side by side (the iPod’s on the right, in case you can’t tell).

As for the TightPods – well, again, one looks like a case for a laptop
(albeit in less than conventional materials) whilst the other… is an

Are lawyers getting bored over the summer months? I know Apple likes to
throw lawsuits around with the best of them – it’s usually bloggers,
but why not ring the changes – but this is daft.

What else shall we get all legal about? The Pod Caravan? The Pod
nightclub? The Pod camera tripod? The Santapod replica dragster? The
Ween’s second studio album?

I think when someone says ‘iPod’, everyone knows what they’re talking
about. And when (if) someone mentions another type of ‘pod’, we don’t
all go reaching for our white earbuds hoping to hear our personal music

Andy Merrett
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