PlayStation 2 price drops below £100


With the pink PlayStation 2 probably not being everyone’s cup of tea and the PlayStation 3 likely to give new meaning to the word scarce this Christmas, there might yet be some life left in the standard PlayStation 2. Even more so with the news that Sony is dropping the price – going below the £100 mark for the first time to £94.99.

Apparently, it’s not a last ditch attempt to make some money out of the PS2 market. The company claims the fall is possible due to "ignificant advances in manufacturing efficiency and economies of scale", which means Sony is making them for less and it’s passing on that saving to us. Which is nice. The company has also announced that the price of 8MB Memory Cards will also fall, with detail of this due to follow.

Plenty of new titles are due to appear for the PS2 this Christmas, over 150, according to Sony, including SingStar Legends, EyeToy: Kinetic Combat, Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party and Buzz! The Sports Quiz.

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