Improve Legibility on Larger Displays

Propellerhead Top Tip

You may have noticed that larger screens and higher resolutions can make things harder to read. One of the more obvious problems is typing in web addresses in Internet Explorer; the text is so small that it’s easy to make mistakes and difficult to spot them afterwards.

This quick and simple tip from Propellerhead should help, it increases the size text in the IE Address box and the text-entry/display fields and Explorer boxes in other MS and Windows programs as well. Simply go to Display Properties (right-click an empty area of the Desktop and click Properties) select the Appearance tab and click the Advanced button. In the Item drop-down menu select Icon, now you can change the display font and size.

You can leave it on Tahoma, it’s a good clear display font, but try increasing the size by a couple of points, to 10pt, you would surprised how much difference it makes to legibility. . If you like these tips then there are hundred more for you to try at PCTopTips

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