Onkyo Wireless USB Audio Transport system

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The one problem with downloading tracks is that half of your favourites tunes reside on your PC – which is usually nowhere near your hi-fi system. Which is why audio streaming devices are popular, the latest of which is the Onkyo Wireless USB Audio Transport system.

Onkyo’s Wireless USB Audio Transport system uses existing 2.4Ghz wireless technologies (the same sort that video senders use). The two components in the system are the UTX-1 (the USB transmitter) and the RX-1 Digital Wireless Audio Receiver. The transmitter plugs into a PC’s USB input, while the receiver is connected to the audio system, via either analogue or optical digital outputs. There’s a power supply for the receiver, but if you use the system with Onkyo’s CR-715DAB, it doesn’t require one. Range is 30m and works with any audio format.

However, the one downside I can see, compared to similar systems, is a lack of a remote control. Available in September, it should cost around £79.95.

Onkyo website

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Dave Walker
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