Do you know the cost of your mobile calls?

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If you made a call on your mobile outside of your talk plan, would you know how much it had cost? According to a new survey, 8 out of 10 people wouldn’t have a clue.

The survey was undertaken by, the price comparison and switching service, which asked just over 10,000 of its call centre customers a series of questions about their mobile service. They also discovered that half of those questioned had been overcharged in the past by their mobile operator and over 60 per cent believed value for money was the most important factor when choosing a new tariff – above a phone’s looks or the latest functionality.

With this in mind, Karen Darby, CEO at SimplySwitch, has put together five tips aimed at consumers looking to get a good deal on their mobile bills. You can read them after the turn.

Getting a good deal on your mobile

1. Check out all the offers that are available to you. has a new service that allows you to do this with a click of a button.

2.Look for hidden charges, such as the cost of making international calls, downloading content or using your phone’s additional services.

3. Ask your operator the cost of calls and text messages outside of your talk plan

4. Work out if you really need an itemised bill. Although it can be helpful to see what you are being charged for, most operators now charge you for sending an itemised bill

5. Insure your phone to avoid paying for a replacement if it is lost or stolen.

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