Onkyo launches new DS-A2 Remote Interactive Dock for iPod

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Onkyo’s original DS-A1 iPod connector dock got top rating in the What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision’s 2005 Awards – and now, to cope with the competition, its been improved further as the DS-A2, promising better functionality and better audio quality.

The new DS-A2 iPod connector dock, which supports all docking iPods, allows you to view, navigate and select your music playlist information and video content on a TV screen, by connecting the composite video connection provided at the rear of the dock. Alternatively, use it as a standalone dock by hooking up to your existing audio system, controlling it with the dedicated remote control. And of course, it charges while it’s docked.

The company also promises improved audio quality, fine-tuning the DS-A2 with higher quality components to boost your sound. And if you have an RI (Remote Interactive) system, you can add all functionality to your RI remote, rather than having another comtrol cluttering up the place. RI compatibility also means that your RI-equipped system automatically powers up when you press play on the iPod and selects the amp/receiver automatically, switching to the correct input. Nice.

Available in black or white for around £65.

Onkyo website

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  • I’ve heard my work called many things, but this is the first time it’s been called clutter. I guessing this is a typo and not insulting the products upon which I work.

  • There is a typo in this ad. You’ve used the word “coMtrol” when I believe you meant to write “coNtrol”

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