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Admittedly speaker systems for your iPod are pretty much everywhere – and most look like big white speakers with an iPod stocking out of the top. The JBL Radial is different, it’s a big white circle with an iPod sitting in the middle. It also offers a decent set of features and promises an impressive sound.

It features an integrated iPod dock, which incorporates the Apple® iPod Universal Dock adapter, and is compatible with most docking versions of the iPod, including nano and 5G versions, plus there’s a jack connector for other devices. There’s also a Smart remote that allows full control of the iPod from any direction up to 20 feet away, and it uses its 60 watts of power to drive four aluminum domed Odyssey full-range drivers, and one low-frequency driver that produces a deep, distortion-free bass.

There’s also the ability to sync your iPod when connected to your computer and you can charge your player when docked.

Not sure if this will make it to the UK. It’s slated for a US release in June for around $300.

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  • If would have to sound a lot nicer than JBL’s own OnTime (same factor, same universal dock, just with an added alarm clock) to warrant the extra fifteen bucks or so..

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