Kensington's iPod dock with flat panel speaker

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Could there be a worse day to launch an iPod speaker system? In the trail of the iPod Hi-fi comes another contender for your cash in the form of the SX2000 speaker system from Kensington.

Still, it’s horses for courses and this system has a different look, specification and sits in a different price range from Apple’s new baby. Boasting advanced SurfaceSound flat panel loudspeaker technology from NXT, the SX2000 delivers a strong bass response and sound balance from both sides of the unit to fill any room with music. It also claims to have a far superior frequency response and a wider ‘sweet spot’ than conventional cone speakers, ensuring the music has exceptionally clear treble and bass, even when the music is cranked up high.

Compatible with all generations of iPod, the SX2000 recharges the iPod when docked. It can also play other MP3 players via standard 3.5mm headphones jack (not included). You can pick one up for around £100 from various online retailers.

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