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Those uni boffins (from Loughborough) have been researching again, and have discovered that Nokia mobile phones have achieved number one spot in "Britain’s Most Nicked Mobile".

I’m not sure if this is a huge revelation? After all, Nokia’s are pretty much the most common phone around, which suggests they’re popular, which suggests they’re ‘nickable’ – dunnit?

But wait, we get the actual models: The Nokia 6230 was the most stolen phone, at a whopping 15.4% of all thefts. After that came the Samsung D500 (8.2%) and the Motorola Razr (5.4%).

Overall, over half of all thefts were of Nokia models, followed by Samsung (13.6%) and Sony Ericsson at 13.3%. Again, to me, that sounds like the general popularity of these manufacturers.

Just to mix things up a bit though, it turns out that thieves are seasonally-inclined, and pick different phones to nick around Christmastime.

One thing’s almost certain – the old Nokia brick I still embarrassedly use isn’t likely to be nicked by anyone. If only.

Andy Merrett
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