Logitech and Skype produce Internet Calling Desktop


More gadgets to keep your phone bill down – this time courtesy of Logitch, which has teamed up with Skype to produce the Logitech EasyCall Desktop, which combines a mouse, headset and speakerphone with a Skype-specific keyboard.

Feature-wise, there’s nothing particularly different about the wireless mouse, headset and speakerphone from similar products on the market. What does stand out is the Skype-specific keyboard. As the name suggests, it’s fully Skype-integrated, including one-touch buttons for launching Skype software, placing a call, ending a call, changing your online status, and dialling a mobile or traditional phone. The F9 to F12 keys on the keybaord also act as programmable speed-dial buttons.

The EasyCall Desktop will be available in stores throughout Europe beginning in mid-September for around £129.99. It will also be available through the Skype online store.

Logitech website

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Dave Walker
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