K3000 SoundTraveller iPod speaker

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Yes it’s another iPod speaker though this one is a little less frivolous than some of the previous offerings we’ve covered at Tech Digest.

The K3000 SoundTraveller speaker runs off one AA battery, giving 12 hours of music, or you can power it from the USB port on your computer or notebook. It features a 3 watt speaker – though the specs don’t say so a close inspection of the picture looks like there’s two speakers in that little case. Could it be stereo? You’d have to be pretty close to tell, though.

It works with any iPod, connecting via its dock, but also has an audio in for connecting lesser MP3 players. The metal front and rear is surrounded by a soft silicon skin available in silver, red, blue, or black.

It’s available from the beginning of September, prices to be confirmed.

I’m sure it’s good, and maybe I’ve been too domesticated recently, but sad to say it reminds me I need to go and buy some pan scourers…

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Andy Merrett
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