Have we had enough novelty iPod speakers yet?

Gadgets, MP3 players

Another day, and I find myself reading about two more novelty iPod speakers.

The first is the miFlower MP3 Companion, which is apparently aimed at kids, and when plugged into an MP3 player will play music and react to it through movement and a series of coloured LEDs.

The second is the Peanut Speaker which features a pair of speakers only 3cm wide and enclosed in a peanut-shaped leather shell. They are powered by the iPod and provide gentle music.

Neither of these are yet available in the UK. Bwah.

What do you think? Are we getting to a point of overload for novelty iPod speaker systems and gadgets, or are they cool ways to enhance the portable music experience?

At least the second one isn’t the iPeanut.

Andy Merrett
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