IFA 2006: Philips Blu-ray for PC and TV

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Philips has been one of the major Blu-ray players for some time and has already committed to new models for the PC. At IFA it unveiled its products.

From a PC perspective the key one is the Philips TripleWriter SPD7000. This internal drive for PCs has a 2x read and write speed and works with CDs and DVDs too. It goes on sale in both the US and Europe next month (September).

Philips has also confirmed its debut Blu-ray player – the BDP9000. It connects to HDTVs via HDMI and delivers full 1080p HD resolution. It also has an on board card reader and uses a Java based interface to aid set up. It goes on sale in the US in the autumn with a UK launch lined up for early 2007.

Philips has also announced  a 50 gig Blu-ray disc.

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