IFA 2006: Eight Fox Blu-ray discs to launch in November

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Mike Dunn, Worldwide President of Fox Home Entertainment ,today announced at IFA that its first eight Blu-ray disc would reach the stores on November 14th in both the UK and the US. MGM will also launch titles at the same time.

According to Dunn, the key titles is Kingdom of Heaven, which will be the first dual sided 50 Gigabyte disc – it has to be the movie in this Directors Cut edition is three hours and 42 minutes long.

Its other key Blu-ray title is The league of Extraordinary Gentleman which also includes searchable categories and an apparently unique 12 layer game.

Both discs, as well as the other titles, feature HD Lossless audio.

Other discs includes Ice Age II, The Usual Suspects, Bulletproof Monk and The Fantastic Four. I’ll give details of the other titles when I get the release.

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