Giant Etch-a-Sketch group drawing project


Wow, this is so cool! Remember the Etch-a-Sketch? Course you do!

Now, the world’s largest Etch-a-Sketch is on show at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics show in Boston.

Apart from its sheer size, it also features interactivity whereby a large audience can be split in half – one side controlling the left-right knob and the other half controlling the up-down knob. They can then try to ‘group think’ a drawing – in this example, a teapot (no really). They even have the ability to virtually shake the Etch-a-Sketch to clear it.

Each audience member is given a two-sided wand to signal a preference to the sensor cameras.

Hmm, I can’t draw at the best of times. Imagine fighting – I mean collaborating – with 2,999 other people and trying to draw something meaningful.

Good job you don’t really have to shake it.

Finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without a link to the official Etch-a-Sketch website, would it?

(Via Gizmag)

Andy Merrett
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