Garfield USB webcam


I’m quite happy to admit that I like Garfield (maybe it’s his sarcasm, or the fact he likes lasagne) so this little USB webcam with built-in mic is just the ticket.

With a resolution of 640×480 at 15fps (VGA) or 30fps (CIF), 24-bit colour, adjustable focus, auto exposure/white balance, and 1.8m cable, it’s a decent piece of kit – and of course it’s the cute cat.

Equally at home ICQing, MSNing or Skypeing, he’s just $32 – though you’ll need to have him shipped from America.

If you’re not after a serious webcam, and the Verballs isn’t for you, maybe Garfield is. I’m waiting for a dribbling Odie dog…

Product page

Andy Merrett
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