Verballs: Making your Skype conversations more interesting


I’ve just seen these cool little Verballs which are designed to make your Skype experience a little more fun.

They’ve been designed by Aardvark Innovation and are effectively a USB speaker and mic combo that interact with your Skype software – but done up as fancy characters: called Mr V, Britney, Baby, Striker and Slick.

Verballs move and ‘talk’ as you make calls. They have horns that light up when someone calls you over Skype, they’ll wave to get your attention, and their mouths move in time with the voice of the other person. They can also be customised with a range of ringtones.

Though Skype is cross-platform software, the Verballs come with a Windows installation download, so I don’t know how well (if) they’ll work on other systems (Mac / Linux etc). There aren’t any detailed specs for these yet, so it’s hard to say how good the quality will be, though they have been Skype Certified. They’re fun and gimmicky, and though you may still find that a headset gives the best quality calls, how can you resist these?

They’re being launched in September, and will retail for £29.95 – available from and other selected retailers.

Andy Merrett
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