Flipping Vista in 3D

Propellerhead Top Tip

In the coming months you will be hearing a lot about Windows Vista’s fancy graphical interface, originally called ‘Aeroglass’ now just plain Aero, and the rumours are mostly true. It looks great and is a lot of fun to play with (and Mac fans can stop sniggering, yes, I know you’ve seen it all before…) but for Windows users it will be a revelation.

One of the most visually impressive features — and quite useful too — is 3D Flip. This works a bit like the Alt -Tab ‘Task Switcher’ in previous versions of Windows (and that still works, and it looks a whole lot prettier with thumbnail views of open programs). But back to 3D Flip, and this works when you press Winkey + Tab. Open Applications are presented as large ‘live’ thumbnail views, in 3D.

Repeatedly pressing the Tab key or spinning the thumbwheel on your mouse shuffles through the windows, until you find the one you want then release the Winkey or mouse wheel and the window is selected. There are hundreds more great PC tips and a newly opened Windows Vista Tips section over at PCTopTips

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