Ferguson Hill FH007 transparent speaker system

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I’ve seen some very stylish PC speaker systems of late, but I think the Ferguson Hill FH007 is just about ahead of the pack.

They’re not the cheapest or the smallest (the main speakers are 43cm tall and the whole set-up might extend beyond most desks), but they should boost the level of cool in your office. If it’s not obvious from the picture, these speakers are transparent, which (ironically, giving what I’ve just said) is supposed to give an illusion of space. What you get for your money is a pair of horn speakers, two bass speakers and the small square amplifier. Connection to your PC or portable music player is via the stereo phono jacks and a minijack.

Only 100 will be available when they go on sale next month, so if you’re looking to add some style to your office, get saving up the £600 now.

Ferguson Hill website

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Dave Walker
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