GEAR4 SonicBoom compact 2.1 stereo speaker system for PSP

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We see an endless stream of speakers systems for the iPod, but less so the Sony PSP. Well, here’s one that should boost your Sony portable’s audio output – GEAR4’s SonicBoom compact 2.1 stereo speaker system for the PSP.

GEAR4 claims their system packs a big punch, using state-of-the-art technology to deliver room filling sound from your PSP or MP3 player. However, whether you’d actually see any of your movie from the far end of the room is very much open to question. The sound is produced from 2x speakers offering 2.4W per channel and a sub-woofer using ActiveBass technology, which produces 9.6W of output.

In addition, you can enjoy the PSP in full gaming mode via the two-metre-long ‘FreeStyle’ cable connectors enabling them to lie back and play remotely, but still getting the boosted sound. However, if your PSP is docked, you do get the bonus of it charging while it plays. You can also use the SonicBoom as a traditional speaker system – it connects easily to your  iPod/MP3 player, laptop or PC .

The GEAR4 SonicBoom will be available soon for around £50.

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