Buy Tommy Steele's Mini on eBay

eBay goodies from Bayraider, Robots

Okay, so this piece of technology found by Bayraider is, ahem, 30 years old. So it’s not exactly cutting-edge, although your grandad probably will find it more exciting than an iPod. It’s comedian Tommy Steele’s old Mini, which is being flogged on eBay with bidding at nearly £2,500.

It’s also Robot Tuesday on Bayraider, so they’ve been hunting down another crop of top bots on eBay. This week’s ten includes a $249,000 robot tank, a pair of Rock’em Sock’em bots dressed up like Mr T and Rocky Balboa, and an original AIBO ERS-110 that’s had 27 bids already.

Stuart Dredge
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