Asus WL-700gE router with built-in hard drive

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A nice variation on the router has been introduced by Asus in the form of the WL-700gE, which has all the expected wireless functionality, but adds a portable hard drive so you can access shared files and media from a multiple machines.

The WL-700gE features USB connections so printers and speakers can be shared over the network, as well as allowing you to share data from USB flash devices over the network. It also has a 160GB drive – enough for up to 12,000 minutes of music, 120,000 jpegs or 70 hours of video. You can download files to the drive even with your PC Off, with support for up to 7 BitTorrent streams and 10 FTP files in a simultaneously.

It’s coming soon, with a US price tag of around $500 (around £265). Not cheap, but certainly potentially very useful.

Asus website

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