D-Link's wireless 3G router

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Here’s an idea that could rack up a phone bill large enough to cripple a small nation quicker than you can say ‘data fee’. D-Link has come up with a way to let users share a 3G wireless internet connection through an ordinary 802.11g wireless connection using a special router.

The D-Link Wireless 3G Mobile Router comes with a built in Cardbus slot into which you insert your 3G notebook adaptor and away you go. The router also has four 10/100 Ethernet ports and two USB ports so that you can rig up an ordinary mobile phone to act as the modem instead.

Obviously this router is aimed squarely at the more serious users of wireless broadband services. It would also be very nice if someone saw fit to rig a few of these up on public transport. However, unless 3G connectivity spreads itself a little wider, this albeit clever idea is probably only going to have limited potential at the moment because it seems quite unlikely you’ll find many places with no access to ordinary broadband and somehow yet covered by 3G.

This innovative gadget doesn’t have a price or release date yet but is currently on show at The Wireless Event currently taking place in London’s Olympia.

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