Apple Rumour of the Day: iPhone revisited

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It’s been a bit quiet on the rumour mill for a few days – after all, once Steve has made his announcements, that kinda seals it for the pre-speech rumours: most of them dead in the water.

But let’s take a look at the iPhone talk. OK, so Steve didn’t announce any such device, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming – or even that he’s not talking about it behind not quite closed doors.

AppleInsider says that the iPhone has grown past rumour into expectation, and also reports that Mr Jobs has been making uncharacteristic remarks in Apple’s inner sanctum.

An informant (don’t we love them – not that we know any…) has said that the device may well turn up earlier than expected, catching even some insiders off-guard. Boy, that would be fun.

So, an iPhone with iPod capabilities, to ensure that Apple don’t get knocked off top spot by, say, Nokia – but will it come soon enough? Some analysts say if it comes it won’t be until mid-2007, but then Apple have a habit of delivering early.

I’m upping the likelihood of a pre-2007 iPhone release to 80%. What do you reckon – is the iPhone on its way?

Andy Merrett
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  • if you were to know an informant (which you dont), could you ask them how to become part of the test market for the iphone?

  • Why would Apple want to miss the lucrative X-mas business, or at least the post X-mas ‘return-your-gift-for-something-better’ business?

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