Apple News: Stores, chips and DVD burning


There have been a few tidbits of Apple news floating around today so here’s the highlights:

MacWorld has announced that the KRCS Leeds, an Apple reseller, is revamping and reopening tomorrow as an Apple Premium store. The store will contain Solutions zones, and plans to sell everything for Apple Macs, iPods and the like. So, if you’re near Leeds and can’t get to the glass-staircased wonders of London, Birmingham, Manchester or Sheffield, this could be the next best thing for an Apple experience.

Digit has a pretty in-depth look at the new Intel Xeon processors sitting inside new Mac Pro’s, which is worth reading direct rather than reading my interesting paraphrase of chip specifications.

And finally for now, Apple may be one of the retailers keen to see users downloading films and burning them to blank DVDs, if changes by the DVD Copy Control Association make it legal to do so.

Andy Merrett
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