A rock's not out of the question now Motley Crue's demos are on eBay

eBay goodies from Bayraider

Back in 1985, Motley Crue were arguably at the height of their powers (i.e. they hadn’t got fat and old. Or met Pamela Anderson). So while $1,000 might sound like a high price to pay for a mangy-sounding demo tape recorded in Stuttgart, there are quite possibly hordes of hair-metal fans out there who’ll bid for this item, found by Bayraider.

Meanwhile, poor Tom Cruise: who’d have thought his employment contract would be up for grabs on eBay within a day of getting axed by his studio? Okay, so it’s not his actual contract with Paramount, but that hasn’t stopped someone demanding $250 for it.

Stuart Dredge
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