Which celebrities do we want on our sat nav systems?


Personally I’m not bothered which voice on my sat nav system tells me the way to my destination as long as I get there. But it seems like I’m in a minority, with the great British public enjoying a familiar voice to guide them through the country. And the most popular of these belong to Joanna Lumley and Sean Connery.

The Ab Fab actress and everyone’s favourite Bond clocked up a quarter of all votes in a survey commissioned by Packard Bell, with Stephen Fry and Terry Wogan second and third most popular male voices. Dame Judi Dench and Dawn French had the second and third most popular women’s voices in the survey. Connery apparently rated highly because he has ‘old-school cool’, while Joanna Lumley scored highly through her ‘relaxing’ voice.

But spare a thought for those at the other end of the spectrum – the most annoying voice belongs to Big Brother hanger-on Jade Goody, closely followed by Joe Pasquale and Lloyd Grosman (14%).

The survey was carried out by YouGov on behalf of Packard Bell, with the results based on the opinions of 2000 respondents.

Most popular male voices (as voted by men and women combined)

1. Sean Connery (23%)
2. Stephen Fry (16%)
3. Terry Wogan (11%)
4. George Clooney (9%)
5. Sean Bean (7%)

Most popular female voices (as voted for by men and women combined)

1. Joanna Lumley (22%)
2. Judi Dench (20%)
3. Dawn French (14%)
4. Mariella Fostrup (5%)
5. Billie Piper and Liz Hurley (both 4%)

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