LG's MFJM53 portable media player now available in the UK

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We covered the LG MFJM53 8GB portable media player a couple of months back, when it appeared with limited detail on the LG website. If that got you thinking about buying one, you’ll be pleased to know it’s now officially available.

The black and silver compact player (48mm wide, 14mm deep and weighing less than 90g) certainly looks stylish – in fact, it’s officially stylish – having won the prestigous Reddot Design award for outstanding design. Within the attractive shell, the MFJM53 can store up to 4000 songs, with a playback time of up to 30 hours. The intelligent ‘Automatic Equaliser’ technology positions the equaliser to the ideal settings according to the genre of music, making sure the listener always hears the best sound. Image-wise, the MFJM53 can replay images in high resolution from MPEG4 and JPEGs for up to 4 hours, with the OLED screen reproducing them in with crisp colours.

That’s not all – I’m saving my favourite feature until last. If you suffer from stress, problems sleeping or lack of concentration, the MFJM53 may be able to help as it comes pre-loaded with ‘Music Therapy’. You can choose between four different settings which either stimulate or relax the brain by sending specially developed sound waves to the specific parts of the brain which control these areas. The four settings are for concentration, relaxation, ‘powering up’ and sleep. Yes, it’s the gadget with a heart.

You can pick up the LG MFJM53 now, priced around £200.

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