Watch ROK TV on your mobile without data charges using Wi-Fi

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I’m sure you’re now aware of ROK. They’ve been offering TV to GPRS/EDGE mobiles for months now and more recently extended their coverage to a number of Windows-powered devices. We usually end our features on ROK’s pricing with something like "…on top of that, you’ll also have to pay your provider data charges too." But that might not be the caee anymore, with the news that you can now watch ROK TV via Wi-Fi on your Windows device.

Yes, instead of paying your operate the data charges you incur whilst watching ROK TV, you can now just pay your subscription (£9.99 per month for all channels or 99p per month for each one you choose) and watch live and on-demand mobile TV over Wi-Fi without worrying about the mounting data cost. Unless you’re on a pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi connection obviously.

For more details on ROK, check out our recent feature on the service or take check the ROK website to find out if your phone or device is compatible with the service.

ROK TV website

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