Sony's PlayStation 3 will also play PS1 and PS2 titles


A senior figure at IBM claims that Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 console will be backwards compatible, playing virtually all of the games designed for Sony’s first and second generation consoles.

In an interview, Tom Reeves, VP of semiconductor and technology services at IBM, said: "Sony is very concerned about quality and backward compatibility. They want to get this right. They tested game after game after game. When there were about 40 PlayStation 1 games that didn’t work properly, that didn’t pass their criteria for quality."

The leading figure behind Sony’s PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi, has previously promised that the PS3 would play games designed for the older consoles, but the number of titles this applied to has always been open to question. In comparison, the Xbox 360 can still only play a small number of original Xbox games – approximately 20 titles.

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