USBM8 – the USB flash drive for students


Remember the days of struggling to school with a bag full of books, not to mention a portable music player, a several loose pens and a gym kit? Well, the USBM8 flash drive might not be much use down the gym – but it could reduce the rest of your clutter.

The USBM8 is designed specifically for secondary school children. Weighing just 15g, the orange rubberised memory stick features password protected storage for homework files and a virtual name tag, with the user’s name and school contact details stored in a tamper proof file,  providing the school with a traceable record if the USBM8 is found and handed in. There’s also several tools that should be useful academically, including a homework and daily diary, dictionary and thesaurus, a calculator and an organiser.

And for out of school, the USBM8 also features an MP3 player and an address book to keep track of your mates. The drive also offers access to a download site featuring emoticons, downloadable games and books (in line with the GCSE curriculum), along with a what’s on guide for art, cinema and sport.

Available in sizes from 256MB upwards and compatible with Microsoft XP and Windows 2000 PCs, prices start around £20.

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