The truth about Zidane's headbutt: in 3D

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It’s the question on everybody’s lips (unless you’ve already moved on to discussing the heat / Love Island / the Tiger -Faldo grudge match). When Zinedine Zidane headbutted Marco Materazzi in the World Cup final, did the Italian defender take a dive, or was the butt so good that he couldn’t help crumpling to the ground?

The YouTube video below promises the answer. It’s a simulation of the incident made using NaturalMotion’s ‘endorphin’ 3D animation software. Is Marco a big girl who feigned injury, or does Zidane have a Forehead Like A Shield Of Steel? The answer is… well, you’ll have to click on the clip to find out.

Oh, and technology firms take note: if you’re going to plug your product, at least do it imaginatively like this…

Stuart Dredge
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