Suunto unveils new range of wristop computer watches


We’ve featured the Suunto range of wristop computer watches previously, which are aimed at sportsmen or women who need to keep track of their performance and condition. The range has now been boosted by the addition of three new models – the Suunto t1, t3, and t4 wristop computer watches.

The Suunto t3 (pictured) which has been designed to give fitness enthusiasts sports laboratory accurate information on the effects of  training, measuring the user’s heart rate, the intervals between heart beats and the fluctuation between intervals.  The wristop then displays the real time training effect of a workout on a straightforward one-to-five scale along with the remaining time needed to achieve a work out goal. The t3 also logs workouts, with information available for download onto a PC for analysis with the Suunto Training Manager PC software.

The Suunto t4 is pitched at endurance athletes. Along with the real time training effect function, the device features a specialist coaching function (Suunto Coach) that monitors progress and makes workout recommendations for frequency, duration and intensity.  Should you decline a recommended workout then the Suunto t4 continues to monitor and adapt, maintaining an up-to-date five day rolling plan for your progress.

If you want something a little more basic, the Suunto t1 (pictured) is easier to use and displays real time heart rate, along with the calories you are losing and the "training zone" you are in. Because you can set up a personalised fitness profile, the Suunto t1 can help keep you on track for meeting goals, including weight loss and cardio training.

All the new models will be instore around September, with the Suunto t3 retailing for £115, the t4 for £140 and the t1 selling for around £85.

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