Packard Bell extend their MP3 range with Vibe 360 and Pulse

MP3 players

Packard Bell might be best known for desktop computers, but they’re frantically R&Ding to expand their lines into all sorts of fun stuff. Such as these two new MP3s, Vibe360 and Pulse.

Vibe already exists in a 30GB capacity, so the Vibe 360 (left), at 2GB, offers something to rival the iPod Nano. The design is sleek, although reminiscent of a Sony Ericsson T610, with a 1.8" colour screen and a chrome touchpad. It displays photos, as well as playing MP3, WVA and WMA files, and it claims a battery life of 15 hours. At £89.99, it’s £40 cheaper than the 2GB Nano.

The Pulse is a whole new line in Flash MP3 players, which range from 512MB to 1GB. Each comes with three choices of coloured caps, which when removed reveals the USB which can be plugged directly into your computer. Powered by one AAA battery, they offer eight hours continuous playback. Prices start at £29.99.

Product page: Packard Bell

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