Another delay for Blu-ray on the cards


According to HDTV UK, leading Blu-ray manufacturers including Philips, BenQ and Lite-on have expressed concern that the only two producers of Blu-ray laser diodes, Sony and Nichia, are unable to produce sufficient quantities due to ongoing technical issues involving mass production.

And many of the ones being produced are obviously being earmarked for the PlayStation 3 console. Which means a knock-on effect in the production of Blu-ray drives and burners crucial in the battle to establish the format against the rival HD DVD. So if you’ve got a player on your Christmas list, it might be as well to have a substitute gift pencilled in.

Find out more about this and everything else in the world of high-definition over at HDTV UK.

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  • And not only that but Bluray movies are being poorly reviewed as quite inferior to HDDVD but much more expensive both discs and players

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