Novogo V Series voice-activated GPS system


Novogo has launched the first voice-activated V Series GPS system in the UK – a compact device, just 25mm thick and weighing 260g.

The V Series features the newest SiRF Star 111 GPS antenna which improves reception in areas where there is weaker signal, along with a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen, but its big selling point is the voice command function – say the name of your destination and the system automatically calculates the fastest route.

The V Series comes with 3D maps for the UK or Europe (depending on which model you choose) preloaded on an SD card. The integrated loudspeaker gives clear voice guidance with over 400 instructions, while optional Real Time TMC (Traffic Message Channel) updates let you to recalculate routes to avoid jams or accidents. You can also customise your unit, with a choice of six changeable colour fascias available to fit your car interior.

Prices vary, dependent on your map options and whether you choose TMC and a remote control, but start at £279.

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