Medion GoPal PNA 350 sat nav system


If you’ve heard of Medion it’s probably because at some time or other you have popped into German uber supermarket chain Aldi, for the company’s products (PDAs, PCs etc) always seem to be on sale there. Now Medion is  gunning for the sat nav market with the GoPal PNA 350, the follow up to last year’s rather impressive 220T.

The unit, which features a Samsung 266MHz processor and a 256MB memory card, has an integrated GPS receiver, 65,000 colour TFT touch screen and two high definition speakers (whatever high def means). Software features include a compass, points of interest, estimated time of arrival and the distance to the next destination.

The value aspect this time is the lifetime Traffic Message Channel (TMC) traffic information subscription, unusual for a unit at this price point. This uses FM to alert you to any potential traffic hazards such as congestion and err, annoying rubber neckers gawping at crashes. It is also pre-installed with Navteq UK and Ireland mapping.

Th GoPal PNA 350 will be available from March just under that £300 price point.

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  • Bought a medion gopal sat nav last year, tried to download safety camera information in January. CHAOS!!! Paid the fee but never got the alerts. Little red box appears on satnav screen but says i havn’t registered. Not that i havn’t tried i just dont read GERMAN. Everytime i tried to register i was directed to a German website. Anyone know how to do this in English?
    My friend has a Garmin Nuvi and managed to download safety camera alerts in minutes and has updated them every few months. I’v contacted Medion who say it’s not their problem and that I should contact the company who sell the camera alert subscriptions. Again German is not my 1st 2nd 3rd language.

  • Chris, The one you bought from Asda, does that include the TMC traffic function?

  • Get one from ASDA, they are only £150.00 there as of 1.7.06, that’s £80.00 saving from Medions own shop. They are brilliant value and so easy to use.

    Buy one, you won’t regret it.

  • i bought a medion gopal 350, i am useless finding my way arround… this kit is well worth the money it has cut hours off my journey times

    it could do with speed camera info other than that… its the best 299.00 i have ever spent.

  • I have a tom tom system do you repair tom tom when I turn it on it says no satellite signal?could you repair this for me, thanks

  • I bought Evesham BM6380 sat nav Nov 2005. Failed in 2 weeks. replaced, failed in 4 weeks, repair at evesham(1 day), sent back not working. sent to evesham for repair, replaced with older dirty unit. failed in 20 minutes. sent e mails apologising 3 times for failing to give good support, refused refund told to take up with retailer. They refunded. Evesham give no real honest support and try to repair in one day yet 8 faults, cannot test in that time. suggest do not buy products if support so bad.! sorted March 2006

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