Logitech announce new high-def webcams: 2x clarity

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Logitech today announced a major upgrade to their range of Quickcam webcams. Star of the show is the new Quickcam Ultra Vision featuring a 1.3 megapixel sensor and supporting the high-def (HD) video format.

Though the specs are a little vague on the HD front, my expectation is that we’re talking 720i at perhaps 24fps – quite acceptable as a low-end HD spec and better than the majority of web cams.

It also features an f-stop setting of 1.6, which means it can capture more light and produce greater image detail in dimly lighted, or back- or side-lighted conditions (I’ll leave you to imagine what you’d be using your web cam in dimly-lighted surroundings for…)

According to Logitech, this camera features the most "premium materials" they’ve ever used, from the glass lens, and chrome details around the microphone, to the softly illuminated logo.

The Ultra Vision should retail for $129.99 and will be available in the US and Europe from August. Other cams getting a revamp are the QuickCam Orbit MPM ($129.99) and QuickCam Fusion ($99.99) – both of which also support HD video – the QuickCam Pro 5000 ($79.99), and QuickCam Communicate STX ($49.99), so there should be something to suit every webcam enthusiast.

"Our 2006 webcam lineup is loaded with innovations that address
consumer needs and that could come only from a company such as
Logitech, which has more than a decade of experience making webcams,"
said Gina Clark, Logitech vice president of product marketing for
Internet communications. "We’ve redefined performance at the high end
by combining the most premium lens on any webcam with the new
RightLight 2 Technology. You have to see it to believe the video
quality — it is true to life."

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  • So when do you think someone is going to get smart and hook up a couple of LEDs to a photosensor that will light up more of them as the room gets darker? Or am I thinking a little too high tech here?

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