BT Broadband tops UK broadband survey


BT may not be the cheapest broadband provider around, but a recent technical survey suggests that they are the fastest and most reliable.

Though the survey from internet testing firm Epitiro did not include cable companies such as NTL Telewest, it put BT ahead of other main players including Virgin (2nd), Demon (3rd), AOL (4th) and then Orange (5th). (I’m making no comments about AOL – except… FOURTH?? Ahem…)

Software was used to connect to each ISP every 15 minutes and measure such things as connection success rate and speed. During the period from April to June 2006, BT had the highest level of performance and achieved the highest percentage of its published download speed.

The tests also look at geographical and usage differences, such as the speed to connect to the service and time taken to send and receive emails.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, price and customer service are not taken into account. This is purely technical data, folks.


Andy Merrett
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