Homedics' portable MP3 massaging cushion

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There’s nothing like sitting back and relaxing after a hard day with some of your favourite tunes. So why not do it wherever you are? You can if you pick up a Homedics MP3 cush – which massages you while you listen to your favourite tunes.

It’s portable because this isn’t a massaging chair – it’s a cushion that should fit comfortably into your armchair or indeed your car seat. Once comfortable, plug in your iPod (or MP3 player) into the chair and get your music streaming out through the seat’s built-in aluminium cone speakers. And as you relax into your favourite chilled-out tune, why not set the massage into motion. There’s five "invigorating" massage motors plus some soothing heat for the aches and pains, all controllable through an integrated hand control.

And don’t worry – if the thought of being poked about by a cushion doesn’t appeal, the speakers do work independently of the massage, so you can use it purely as an external speaker system.

The Homedics MP3 cush is currently available in the US for around $50 (around £27) – but I’ve been told it should be available in the UK sometime next year.

Homedics website

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