eBay turns up a 'Karma Sutra' bedsheet

eBay goodies from Bayraider, Gadgets

Forget buying one of those illustrated manuals full of men with beards showing you how to do the nasty. Bayraider has found a Karma Sutra bedsheet (their mis-spelling, but we quite like it), which shows happy couples exactly where to put their hands, feet and bums in order to achieve sexual nirvana (or just put your back out). They’re also having a Freaky Friday item-fest, with stuff including electric-shock arm-wrestling, a gothic punk skull with a lizard on top, and the chance to go out in style with a full Viking funeral pyre. All essential purchases, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Stuart Dredge
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  • Cheers! It’s the eBay seller’s mis-spelling, so thought I’d leave it, but have put a reference in the story, so thanks for pointing it out. I like to think of the Karma Sutra as ‘for every good position, you’ll receive a good position back’. Or something.

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