Bid for a limited-edition Aibo


When we reported the sad demise of Aibo, Sony’s robot dog, we made the point that it could be a worthwhile investment, given that Sony’s "pet" project could be worth a few quid in years to come. Well, it’s not taken long for the collector’s market to kick off – Bayraider has found a limited edition Aibo on eBay for a fairly hefty price.

Yes, you can pick up a limited-edition champagne-coloured Aibo ERS-7M3 for $15,099. That’s considerably more than the £1,500 ($2,780) that a standard Aibo retailed for until its demise earlier this year – quite possibly too much just for a change of coat.

But if you’ve got cash to spare and in need a robotic pet, check out the the full details on this at Bayraider, where you’ll also find loads more weird and wonderful auction finds.

Dave Walker
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One thought on “Bid for a limited-edition Aibo

  • This article is silly.
    Of course you can find an out rages price for an aibo. Folks are trying to cash in on it. However this article is trying to give the impression that the actual selling price is that high – aibos are currently selling at about $2500 bucks.

    Stop trying to inflate aibo with this silly article – no one is currently paying 15 even for the limited edition version…

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