Apple's Mighty Mouse loses it's tail and gets Bluetooth


today announced the tailless (sorry, wireless) version of their Mighty Mouse, the stylish successor to Apple’s one-button optical mouse.

A Bluetooth mouse from Apple isn’t particularly revolutionary – there are plenty of other mice that do the same thing – but even if you’re not an Apple fan, you surely have to love the white, seamless curves of this rodent.

It’ll pair perfectly with your Bluetooth enabled Mac and wireless keyboard, at up to 30 feet, on 1 or 2 AA batteries.

It also has laser-guided tracking which claims 20 times greater precision over previous optical tracking.

It still features the innovative tracking devices including seamless buttons (well, sensors), squeezable side buttons, and scroll ball.

Though I don’t have one, I still love these mice. I’m nuts about Apple
hardware anyway, but this is great. Given the amount of use a mouse
gets, it’s definitely worth investing in a good one. Hey, you can even
use it on your Windows PC if you want to inject a bit of Apple style
into your computing experience.

I reckon £39 isn’t a bad investment, and it’s available at the Apple store now.

Andy Merrett
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