YouTube gets a makeover


I’m sure you’ve heard of YouTube. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t waste a chunk of their day browsing through weird and obscure video clips. But just in case you haven’t encountered YouTube, now might be a good time to visit – as it’s just had an upgrade.

You can still browse, view and upload videos (as long as they’re decent and copyright-free), but now you can set yourself up as a channel – or subscribe to someone else’s channel. You can choose the colours of your channel, link to content you like as well as uploading up your own content. The idea is that similar users, will link to each other, creating groups of similar or related content – which sounds a bit like MySpace for video if you ask me. But it should make for easier browsing of content that interests you.

In addition, the site now offers you a log of the last 100 videos you have watched, though YouTube is at pains to point out that it won’t be storing or using this information itself for any other purpose.

If you’re not one of the six million visitors to the site each day, you can find it all at

Via The Register

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