Vodafone first to offer 3G broadband in the UK


Well, the wait is over. We considered who would be the first with 3G (HSDPA) broadband in the UK, but now we know – it’s Vodafone. From Thursday 22nd June, you can purchase and use a Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G broadband (HSDPA) data card for significantly improved data transfer speeds on your laptop. 

The initial roll out will be for Greater London (within the M25), Glasgow, Sheffield, Greater Manchester and Tyneside. Complete UK coverage is expected by summer 2007. Laptops are are already available featuring Vodafone’s built-in 3G broadband, including Dell’s D620 and D820 models, along with machines from Acer and Lenovo.

Vodafone’s 3G data card will offer peak download speeds of around 1.4Mbps and upload speeds of up to 384 Kbps. Vodafone’s 3G broadband also offers up to three times the capacity of 3G, which allows more users in the same location to benefit simultaneously. If you’re looking at signing up, pricing starts from £25 (excl VAT) per month (Data 250), which includes 250 Mb of data. For, £45 (excl VAT) per month (Data Unlimited) customers get unlimited usage (subject to the usual fair use policy). Cards cost £99 on the Data 250 price plan and £49 on the Data Unlimited price plan.

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