Sony's Post-it E Series PC monitors


Sony has a new range of computer displays on the market this month, with a rathwer unique selling point – they keep your desk tody by allowing you room to stick your Post-it notes on the bottom.

The E Series monitors extend from below the screen to the desk, hiding the control buttons within a slot on the lower right hand side. This extension of the monitor means a ready-made area for keeping Post-it notes in one place while also sporting a handy groove for holding your pens.

Acording to a spokesman for Sony Europe: "Post-it notes have become an everyday part of life both in the office and in the home. Sony engineers noticed that people often stick them to their computer screens as reminders – a habit which persists even in this electronic age – and so designed a computer display with an integrated area designed specifically for Post-its."

So there you have it, a monitor for the busy office. E Series displays are available in 17-inch and and 19-inch size screens with both digital (DVI-D) and analogue (HD-15) interfaces as standard. They’ll be in the stores from 19th June.

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